University of Canberra Building 6 and 11 Refurbishments

Bruce, ACT

Client: University of Canberra


Architectural ServicesInterior Design Services

Spowers teamed up with local Canberra architects Townsend Associates & Architects (TA+A) to deliver this tertiary refurbishment on the University of Canberra, Bruce campus.

The project scope included a Master Plan for two buildings (Building 6 and 11), to provide a complete solution for the faculties residing in these buildings, however the limited budget only allowing for partial completion of these works.

The Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics (ESTeM) received new purpose built work and office spaces. The Faculty of Business, Governance and Law (BGL) enjoys new workplace, offices and learning spaces which allow for the entire department to enjoy a more efficient and appropriate work environment.

The rooms have all been customised to suit each particular department and their specific purpose, the central courtyard has been converted into a theatre moot court to provide the users with a place to relax, breakout and hold informal meetings.

Our approach in delivering this project (based in Canberra), has been to work closely with TA+A and the university to ensure the design outcomes are achieved.

Spowers have taken the ‘design lead’ on the project, heavily involved in the ‘up front’ design and consultation work with TA+A taking the ‘documentation and contract administration lead’ providing both a local presence and client manager.

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