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POSITION FILLED: Bid & Marketing Coordinator

Posted: 11.05.23


About Spowers and our values:

Spowers is a Melbourne/Naarm based architectural and design studio with a desire to shape better environments as a fundamental driver in what we do.

Our people are curious, informed and collaborative. We observe, listen, question and discuss. These are critical ingredients for imaginative program solving. This approach is evidenced in Spowers achievements and being designers of choice across many industry sectors since 1895. Our clients count on these critical ingredients to spark fresh yet robust designs that meet and exceed their aesthetic, operational and future orientated requirements.

Candidate Capabilities:

We are looking for an individual that will embrace managing our developed systems and that will also challenge these bringing their own ideas and flair to the role.

  • Keen editorial eye with previous experience in copywriting, copyediting and graphic design.
  • Excellent skills in Adobe Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat) & Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Understanding of multichannel marketing to monitor digital media channels (including social media and website) to produce content delivered in a timely and cohesive manner.
  • Strong communication skills in order to manage competing demands, deadlines and supporting our team when necessary.
  • Desire to have influence by bringing contemporary approaches and technologies to ensure systems are efficient, fit for now and into the future.
  • Contemporary understanding of the architecture and design industry is advantageous.

Key Responsibilities:


You will ensure the overall smooth running of many elements of the studio including Bid Management, Marketing, Communications, Administration, Quality Systems, IT Systems (subject to skills) and Facilities.

  • Monitor, coordinate and generate Tender Proposals and Fee Submissions by working closely with our management team. This will include reading, understanding and identifying key deliverables for each bid and convey to relevant individuals. Contribute to written submissions wherever possible as well as coordinate and manage others contributions to the submission content.
  • Champion the studio’s public perception in person and through the digital media sphere through various collateral including office style guides and capability statements as well as sustaining relationships with industry suppliers, collaborators and community.
  • Support the activities of the management team and professional staff with various project assistance including formatting reports, imagery and diagrams.
  • First point of contact for the studio for incoming calls, inboxes and deliveries.

This position has been filled.


Work/Life Balance, Health & Wellbeing

Spowers understands the importance of family and social networks, and actively encourages the team to ensure a balance between their work and personal life. We recognise the significance of celebrating the broad range of individuals commitments, undertakings and achievements outside of the workplace.

In addition to Government support schemes, we have flexible and hybrid working arrangements in place, direct in-house and external IT support, access to compassionate, carers, personal and family violence leave, continued communication for employees on parental leave to ensure they remain connected.

A note from Director Annie Robinson on her recent 20 years with Spowers reflections “..a positive change [in the design industry] I have seen has been around work/life balance and focusing on wellness in the workplace. Employers now understand the benefits to the business of happy and healthy employees. I’ve experienced this shift personally within Spowers and had the privilege of driving this change with our clients, directing their focus on the wellness of their people and providing a built environment that supports that.”

Professional Development & Training

Our extensive history demonstrates a supportive studio structure with an outstanding degree of staff retention. As a team member you can expect opportunities to develop an individualised long-term career plan and a variety of work to suit and move between different interests, experiences, and goals. We will review to assess skills and knowledge levels of in order to respond with relevant support streams.

We utilise the latest in contemporary applications of a wide range of technologies and softwares such as Revit, BIM 360, Twin Motion, Rhino, Enscape, Sketchup, Adobe Creative Suite, MS Project and more.

Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Spowers is a diverse and inclusive organisation and collective of people. We believe it is through diversity of perspective that allows us to drive innovation and propel our people. We will not discriminate on grounds of race, gender, disability, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation, or family status. Not only do these shared values enrich our internal team dynamic, it contributions to robust and considered ideas for our clients and the communities we serve.


Spowers received endorsement from Reconciliation Australia in February 2023 for our ongoing commitment to Reconciliation Action Plan. We are currently in the Reflect phase of our RAP which includes activate engagement of scoping and developing relationships with First Nations stakeholders, deciding on our vision for reconciliation and exploring our sphere of influence. We hope that the development of our RAP will not only aid our team, but also our Consultants and Clients to work towards furthering a greater commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice by building respectful relationships creating meaningful opportunities with First Nations peoples.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We genuinely care for our clients, community, employees and environment. As a company, Spowers strengthens our Corporate Social Responsibility within our business strategy, company philosophy and internal management systems.

Our concern for the environment extends to the way we design buildings and their connection with communities and these commitments to continual improvement is demonstrated across both our project work and studio operations.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our desire to shape a better world is a fundamental driver in what we do. We enable this through a holistic project approach, placing sustainability at the core of our design processes. We seek to minimise environmental impacts, maximising economic and social benefits and embed efficient consumption of natural resources.Our work has been recognised both nationally and internationally for environmental innovation.

We join our peers and environmentally conscious design community as signatories of ‘Architects Declare’ towards industry demand in a paradigm shift in our behaviour and how we practice Architecture. Together with our clients, we will need to commission and design buildings, cities and infrastructures as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating and self sustaining system. What once was a paradigm shift towards a sustainable society is now business as usual from a design and delivery perspective.