Sustainable Design


To ensure the optimum quality for both our company and clients we have achieved the independently-certified ISO 14001:2004 standard for Environmental Management (all projects and in-house operations). Through integrated design processes we ensure a holistic approach to our clients’ environmental responsibilities and economical considerations.

Spowers is one of the driving forces behind sustainable building and development in Australia.  As a paradigm shift towards a sustainable society gains momentum we continue to research, customise and apply the best technologies and strategies for our clients’ needs.

Our aim is to create healthy and inspiring places to live and work whilst reducing pollution through design and our internal operations. Based on our research and development from projects such as Box Hill Institute, Integrated Technology Building; DELWP, Attwood Redevelopment; Williamstown High School60L Green BuildingMFB Burnley and ‘Project Zero’ and integrating the leading rating tools of the industry, such as Green Star, we have developed a series of sustainability briefing and design processes that ensure consideration of leading aspects of a sustainable design.

As part of the integrated approach, the design team are directly involved in the determination of the appropriateness of active and passive energy systems. All options will be assessed using a system of weighting factors.  Our approach involves:

  • In-house ESD expertise, quality assurance and design tools.
  • Database of latest technologies and design strategies.
  • Early consultants involvement in projects for integrated planning.
  • Strong consideration of the project’s social and economical sustainability.
  • Future-proofing I.e. designing the building with respect to changing demands.
  • Consequential follow-through from concept to detail to procurement.

At Spowers, our focus on Environmentally Sustainable Design is in economy of means – a philosophy which challenges currently held beliefs that ‘ESD’ means significant additional capital cost. Recent projects include commercial buildings where function is not compromised, but energy demand and costs have been reduced by up to 70% from current accepted commercial standards.

Additionally, Spowers is one of only five architectural practices in Australia to achieve an internationally certified Environmental Management System – NCS ISO 14001:2004.

Key Projects Include: