Spowers Office Fitout

Melbourne, Victoria

Client: Spowers


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The Strategies  that were employed in the design and construction of the Spowers Office included:

  • Making the best use of the natural light opportunities;
  • Creating a contiguous workspace that promoted collaboration and communication;
  • Reuse of existing furniture and storage units;
  • Deploying the custom designed and staff constructed ‘workstations’;
  • Investment in key areas of the fitout;
  • Demonstrated many of the ideas and strategies that we use in our projects, particularly the tertiary spaces;
  • Delivered good ‘bang for your buck’ by minimising the ‘invisibles’;
  • Improving the efficiencies and effectiveness in the way the studio functions through layout and design;
  • A space that demonstrated the collective and collaborative nature of the practice.


Prototype Workstations

One of the ongoing research projects that was deployed in Spowers Office was the ‘workstation’. Through a series of prototypes a table design was based on the premise of a single sheet of material being laser cut and dry assembled into a functional workpoint. By testing and prototyping a hybrid was honed and developed that was then deployed en-mass.




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