RMIT, School of Fashion and Textiles

Brunswick, Victoria

Client: RMIT University


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RMIT’s brief for this project was to relocate the Fashion & Textiles under-graduate degree course from their outdated city facilities to RMIT’s new “Design Campus” at the Brunswick campus.

The refurbishment, spread over two levels includes learning studios, flexible teaching spaces, machinery rooms, a lecture theatre and student break out and study spaces.

The project also includes the refurbishment of the decanted city buildings. The original project budget of $4.5 million was increased after completion of a Feasibility Study. The re-defined scope and budget includes additional offices, teaching spaces and a library addition at the Brunswick Campus.

The project delivery is based on RMIT’s new initiative to pair an ‘emerging’ architect with a ‘mentor’ architect. Spowers (mentor) are working in conjunction with Phooey Architects (emerging) to deliver this project.

Technical innovations includes: converting the existing facade into an interchangeable display area for students to display their work for the general public. This display area is also visible at nighttime.

The lecture theatre has been re-designed turning a static lecture room into a collaborative lecture room. The seating plan and rotating chairs allow for groups of students to turn towards each other and work in small groups during the lecture.

Disability access has also been included in the design with wheelchair access considered within the working groups.


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