Pakenham Racing Club

Tynong, Victoria

Client: Pakenham Racing Club


Master Planning Architectural Services

The Pakenham Racing Club project involved masterplanning and design for the relocation of the existing club to a greenfield site at Tynong, approximately 10km east of the current track. Concurrent with the relocation study, best and highest use analysis was undertaken on the existing course to maximise valuation prior to sale.

At completion of the masterplanning process, Spowers was appointed to design and deliver both the Events Centre and the Administration building for the site.

The Events Centre consists of a public bar, members bar and lounge, owners bar, tote area, undercover bookmaker area, access to marquee area and major terrace to view mounting yard.  The state of art centre is fitted out with high-tech audio visual displays and overlooks the track through a floor-to-ceiling glass façade. The space has been designed to accommodate an ultimate capacity of 12,000 spectators.

The Administration building consists of the winners lounge, racing administration, club administration, jockeys lounge and changing area and trainer facilities.

The overall Master Plan includes 129 hectares of racing facilities, 61 hectares of trainer allotments, 14 hectares of environment zones and 17 hectares of commercial opportunities. The balance of the land (24 hectare) is taken up by roadworks, infrastructure and approximately 15 hectares of environmental setbacks, cultural heritage zones and waterways. To date, only Stage 1 of the master plan has been completed.

The larger track development (delivered by Dalton Consulting Engineers) consists of two grass tracks (one of 2504m circumference), one synthetic track suitable for night racing, four uphill training tracks, ambulance tracks, two sand tracks, one exercise / warm up track, 80 trainers allotments including houses, grade separated and vehicle free, horse circulation, marquee zone, race day stalls, float parking, extensive car parking, training tunnel.

The Events Centre Consists of the Following:

  • Public bar
  • Members bar and lounge
  • Owners bar
  • Tote area
  • Undercover bookmaker area
  • Access to marquee area
  • Major terrace to view mounting yard
  • Fitted out with high tech audio visual displays
  • Overlooks the track through floor to ceiling glass façade
  • Ultimate capacity of total site is 12,000 spectators

Administration Building consists of the following:

  • Winners lounge
  • Racing administration
  • Club administration
  • Jockeys lounge and changing area
  • Trainer facilities

In the Media:

Materials include durable steel and ceramic finishes to produce contemporary and long wearing spaces. The entire site is linked to broadcast standards for televising of races internationally.

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