La Trobe University, Master Plan and REACH Project

Bendigo, Victoria

Client: La Trobe University


The Bendigo REACH Project focussed around a suite of strategic solutions to improve critical elements of La Trobe University’s Flora Hill Campus. Over arching this was the connectedness to La Trobe’s other regional campuses, both virtually and as a resource centre.

Three key areas were the focus of the design exercise: 1. A New Teaching Building, 2. An Invigorated Campus Core and 3. Significant Renovations to the Library and Learning Commons.

0101 Package Cover - Teaching

New Teaching Building

  • Provides seamless regional La Trobe University connectedness
  • Presents a new “front door” and fresh face to the campus
  • Multi-purpose auditorium with presentation, collaborative and conference modes
  • Indigenous centre
  • Multi-functional teaching spaces including TECTLS, Harvard style lecture theatres and collaborative spaces
  • Integrates and connects with surrounding buildings

0200 PackageCover - Student Market Place

New Campus Agora and Marketplace

  • New vibrant and active supporting retail and student services within a landscaped environment
  • Renews connections between key campus buildings
  • Mixture of spaces for students to enjoy and engage
  • Variety of food and beverage offerings
  • Provides a central “core” and “go-to” place to the campus
  • Integrates and connects with surrounding buildings
  • Safe and secure environment due to location and surrounding buildings

0300 Package Cover - Library

Reconfigured Library and Learning Commons

  • Library relocated to ground floor adjacent to campus core to increase student accessibility and exposure
  • Integrated Learning Commons
  • New atrium to support linkages to surrounding buildings
  • Positioning the library and learning commons as a central asset to the campus

0500 PackageCover

Alternative Library/Learning Commons

  • New elevated building containing library commons inserting at Level 3 of the library building
  • A unique and highly visible addition to the campus
  • Enables a sheltered and shaded environment under to the campus agora and marketplace
  • “Unlocks” the existing library and provides improved vertical circulation and infrastructure
  • Provides a contemporary learning environment asset with connected views to Bendigo and beyond

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