City of Ballarat, Civic Centre

Design Competition

Client: City of Ballarat


Spowers submitted a proposal for the new Civic Centre Project in a consortium with Work.Space.Logic, IrwinConsult, RushWright Associates, Wilde & Woollard, Noel Arnold & Associates and local partners Kevyn Joy Architects, Thomson Hay, and Cosgriff/Meridian Alliance.

The scope of works was to provide a Civic Centre and long term master plan solution for this key Ballarat precinct.

The project vision was to:

  • Create an exemplar development in dialogue with other leading state and national projects.
  • Transform historic concepts and character into viable imaginative futures.
  • Pursue incremental “complete at every stage” outcomes.
  • Package the civic assets into a meaningful cultural place which compliments Sturt Street and the city core.
  • Design adaptive solutions which can be continuously reinvented to secure future relevance.
  • Push the environmental performance toward carbon neutrality.
  • Showcase local content in all stages of the proposal, sustaining the region.

Our consortium were premiated to the final 3 of the Design Competition.

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