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Riverhead Development, Auckland, New Zealand

Riverhead Development, Auckland, New Zealand

Informed by culture, history and the land, the Riverhead Development of 35,000 dwellings looks to the Twenty First Century and beyond in its creation of an environment which transforms town living.

It is not a “cut and burn” subdivision, but a thoughtful interpretation of how people want to live, work and recreate.

It draws inspiration from collaborative partnership with Te Kawerau a Maki:

  • Mana Motuhake (Independent)
  • Kaitiakitanga (Sustainable)
  • Whanau (People Focused)
  • Auaha (Innovative)
  • Màtauranga Màori (Culture-Driven)

Target residential markets – first home buyers “starting out”, established households in the “middle” market and older persons. Pricing policy consistent with Goverment policy objectives – ability for incoming purchasers to upgrade the quality of their housing or adapt to a change in circumstances within the project over time

Target non-residential market users – employment opportunities from business/services job generators

Integrated project with employment hubs as well as providing residential housing to various demographic groups. Young people “starting out”, established families and the older population –  where several family generations have the ability “co-locate” – and either upgrade or address changing circumstances over time within the project.

It comprises:

  • A town centre capable of supporting:
    • University campus, medical precinct, offices, council HQ, etc.
    • Offices
    • Hospital of 300-350 beds – includes medical practitioners, clinics
    • Shopping
    • Sports complex – linked to university/medical
    • University precinct.
  • Village centres
    • No one should be more than 1500m from a shop
    • 3 villages centres containing – 30 shops (butcher, baker, newsagent, coffee shops, small restaurants, travel agent, real estate, bank branch/es,apartment, small office, religious buildings
    • Sports grounds in each village.
  • Education
    • University campus connected to medical/sports precinct
    • 1 public secondary school
    • 3 -5 primary schools.
  • Residential
    • 35,000 plots
    • Plots of varying sizes – e.g very small, 450, 600, 1000, 2,000 or 4,000 m2
    • Housing types – Variety of offer – high density small plots in villages, maximise larger villa plots on ridges lines with views
    • Apartments – max 6 storeys in Town centre – max four storeys in villages

It will deliver competent and reliable infrastructure:

  • Environment and Sustainability
    • Innovations to reduce building energy consumption, landfill and emissions
    • A climate positive series of neighbourhoods
    • Maintain and cultivate existing vegetation as road buffers
    • Use existing logging roads as basis for planning of distributor roads
    • Retain mountain bike pathways and tracks as community asset
    • Protect watercourses and sensitive areas.
  • Power
    • Investigate post waste solutions.
  • Transport
    • Self-driving technology and digital navigation tools – next-generation, point-to-point transit system that complements pedestrian, cycling, and bus or rail options to improve convenience, reduce costs, and enhance street safety
  • Autonomous bus shuttles
    • Light rail / tram link to rail station.
  • Road
    • Main road from south to north east
    • Feeder roads
    • Clear road hierarchy – major to minor with corresponding “softer” roads and focus on people, not cars
    • Emergency and disaster access.
  • Water
    • Protect existing waterways
    • Full stormwater retention and recycling
    • Best International practice – water sensitive urban design.
  • Digital
    • Digital tools are increasingly shaping our cities, and lives, but too often they are conceived, designed, and tested in total isolation from the people they need to serve
      • We must plan for 2040 digital future
      • Collect and use data to improve services
      • Absolute emphasis on connectivity and collaboration.



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