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The Theatre & Drama Relocation to Menzies College Project is a 3 stage refurbishment of the existing Menzies College Conference Building. The building is ideally situated near the current lecturer’s facilities in HU2 and will relocate students from outside the core campus in the previous Internal College facilities across Kingsbury Drive adjacent to Crissane Road back on to the main campus.

It is envisaged that upon completion of the refurbished facilities, the delivery of high quality Theatre and Drama courses for both domestic and international students will be undertaken in this Theatre & Drama Performance Hub. The Stage 1 Works on Level 2 will convert the current flat floor conference centre into 3 rehearsal spaces & a dedicated performance and Lecture Space as well as a dedicated set construction area. At some further point in time, Stage 2A and 2 (Level 1) will commence and a flat floor teaching space that can double as exam space will be provided and an upgrade of the Menzies Theatre will be undertaken.

Springboarding from the improved facilities, Theatre & Drama are aiming to expand their connections into the local community groups and schools and undertake events that will enhance the profile and reputation of the institution.


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